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Insights | By Courtney Robinson July 1, 2019

Five Critical Questions to Building a Killer App

There are over 5 MILLION apps in the App Store and Google Play. You know which ones succeed? Those that are grounded in strategy, user profiling and most importantly, solving a universal problem.

So before you dive in to design, features and counting your future revenues from your unicorn app, consider these Five Critical Questions to Building a Successful App.

1.What exactly do you want your app to do?

Get specific. No wishy-washy “it will bring more sales to my business” or “it will transfer our web portal to mobile”. In one sentence, outline exactly what the app will do that will make it a critical asset for your business. Then drill down even further to uncover the singular purpose of your app for your users.

2. What problem is it going to solve?

If your app does not solve a universal problem, it will fail. Your app can be niche, it can be internal, it can be specific. But it has to solve one problem common to a collective group of users for it to be useful and gain traction.

3. Who is your target audience?

Get deep in the heart of your target audience. Develop a persona for your ideal user – how old are they, what do they do, what’s their family situation, when will they use the app, where will they use the app, what are their favourite apps, what triggers will make them act, where do they hang out (online and IRL), are they early adopters or laggards, Apple or Android lovers? Imagine them using your app, the media they’ll consume to find out about it, the 

4. What pain points does your app solve for your users?

Get tough on your idea – what are the reasons a user will download your app, and are those reasons significant enough for them to (a) search for a solution and (b) download your app on their already-full phones? The average user has 80 apps on their phone – how will your app cut through?

5. Who is your competition? What can your app do better?

Check out your competitors and their apps. Don’t just think about your existing, known competitors. You may have challengers lurking in the App Store that you don’t even know about yet. Search for competitors by name, then conduct a Category search to see who else is targeting your users. Download their apps, use them and take note of vulnerabilities – poor user experience, difficult navigation, disruptive advertising or pop-ups. Identify what they do well, what you will do better, and what they do poorly that you can capitalise on. Then polish your idea again to make it even better. Always consider: What can I offer to make a user choose my app over the competition?

Alright! You’re ready to start scoping your app.

You’ve articulated a rock-solid idea, nailed the user profiling and gotten crystal clear on why your app is necessary and valuable.

You’re already ahead of most of the 5 million apps currently available for download. Now it’s time to start building. Check out our Guide to Building a Killer App in 7 Steps. 

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