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Insights | By Courtney Robinson July 8, 2019

What Features Does Your App Really Need for Launch?

Got so many ideas you don’t know where to start? We hear you. It can be tempting to go deep down the rabbit hole, developing comprehensive feature sets for your app’s first release, to make sure you’ve got a fully fledged product to take to market. After all, how will your users know how good your app idea is if you don’t show them the works?

But wait a minute. Do NOT, we repeat do NOT wait until you have a perfect, expansive, feature-packed app to launch. 

Think of your app as a phased project – you want to scope the entirety at the start, but focus first on delivering an MVP (minimum viable product). You need enough juice to let the user get a feel for what you’re producing and how the app will benefit their experience, without overcapitalising on an app you’ve not yet market tested. 

So get hypercritical. List all the features you want your app to include. Then prioritise them according to importance, impact and innovation. Then review again. You want to hone this list to maximise your budget efficiency – this is where consulting a specialist app developer can pay huge dividends. You want to spend smart money up front to attract users and get you on the path to monetising your app, without spending so much that you never break even. And you want to know which features need to be built earlier than others, so you’re not trying to retro-fit tech into an existing platform later on (#expensive).

How To Decide What App Features You Need to Launch

Get our MVP Planner worksheet to get clear on what’s critical for your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This planner will help you and your development team scope the key priorities and deliverables for your app – putting you on the fast-track to launch. 

How to rank your feature sets?

Important features are those that are critical to the functionality of your app – e.g. social sign-on might be vital for a youth audience.

Impact refers to features that will make a difference to user adoption – e.g. importing Snapchat bitmojis for user profile pics to make onboarding faster, or adding video demonstrations of exercises for a fitness app to make it easier to follow.

Innovation refers to new solutions you need created to solve your users’ problem. This might be adopting an existing technology (such as geotargeting) or re-purposing another technology (such as payment systems) or creating something brand new that hasn’t been offered before. Game-changing innovation can be expensive and time-consuming, which may delay your app launch so you’ll need to consider whether it’s more important to get to market fast, or to change the market when you get there.

Download our free MVP Planner below to get clear on the critical features you app needs for launch.

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