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Apps are our bread and butter. It’s what we do best. Our approach to app development has always been about solving a problem for the user. As simple as that sounds, it requires effective collaboration between the client and the whole Apptivate team across UX / UI, strategy and development. Without this synergy, apps typically fail.

That’s what makes us unique. We don’t just build the app you tell us to build. We build the app you and your users need.

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From idea to commercialisation


Need capital? Tap into our eager network of investors.

Market Research

Validate your idea through key market insights.


Get early user feedback through prototyping your app.

UX/UI Design

Hard-hitting, user-friendly design for your new app.


Bring your app to life through software development.


Communicate and connect with your user audience.

User Aquisition

Attain rapid app downloads and user retention.


Verify app quality through User Acceptance Testing.


Our Process

The right process is everything when it comes to building apps and web-based products. Every app or website starts with an idea, but it’s what happens after the initial inspiration that determines the success of the app.

We have refined our process through years of trial and error (very little error) and we hang our hat on making sure that your idea not only comes to life but exceeds your expectations of what the app or website could be.

Apptivate Process
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iOS App Development

With 55% of the mobile market share in Australia, Apple iOS apps simply can’t be ignored for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to make waves in their industry.

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Android App Development

Android has 45% of the mobile OS market share in Australia, so it’s important for businesses looking to reach customers don’t overlook the importance of quality Android app development.

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Web App Development

We don’t just build mobile applications. We also have over 20 years of experience building websites and web applications across many industries including eCommerce stores, SMEs, and B2B companies.


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Our work has been featured in:

Very happy!

I am very happy with my app. These guys were the best team for the job. Turned my idea into something amazing!

- SearchParty

Perfect execution

Apptivate took our concept and turned it into an incredible application that now has third-party investment.

- SiteVis

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