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When COVID-19 restrictions hit in Australia, wholesale companies that rely on business from restaurants, cafes, pubs, and resorts, all took a massive blow. 

Coastal Fresh, one of the Gold Coast’s largest wholesale companies providing produce to a huge range of local businesses, was among those who were hugely affected by the sudden enforced restrictions.


With supermarket giants Woolworths and Coles having to cease delivery and consumers trying to avoid crowds, Coastal Fresh saw an opportunity to adapt to the current climate and start selling their produce directly to the public. They approached SEO Web Logistics and Apptivate to build, launch and market their new eCommerce website, selling custom boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables available for contact-free pickup and delivery.

Facebook Ads Performance

In support of the launch of the new Coastal Fresh Retail website, Apptivate developed a comprehensive digital marketing campaign geared around driving brand awareness and ultimately generating product sales. In the first month, the campaign generated over 400 sales across Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.

Out of the channels used, Facebook was by far the best performing, with a 3090% ROI (Return On Investment).

Google Ads Performance

Along with Facebook and Instagram Ads, we ran a basic Google Ads campaign capitalising on the increasing demand for fresh fruit and veg pick up and delivery services. In the first month, Google Ads generated over 7,600 impressions, 1,000 clicks, and over 150 sales.

From here, we will continue to optimise the campaign which will yield even better numbers for Coastal Fresh.

Monthly Campaign Performance / ROI

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