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Families are increasingly turning to digital platforms to time-capsule memories, save messages and archive family history. With the growth in chronic illness rates around the world, more and more parents will die before their children or spouse. An opportunity existed to develop a secure platform where users could upload and save messages or images for their families, to be accessed after the user’s death.


SayGoodbye is a first-of-its-kind subscription platform, enabling users to upload images, video and encrypted text messages directly from desktop or mobile, and schedule to send to specific recipients on a chosen date, up to 20 years in the future. A mother with terminal cancer can now schedule a message for her daughter’s 21st birthday, and choose whether to send it via email or mail. A husband can schedule an anniversary message for his widow 10 years from now.


SayGoodbye has attracted international media attention, and interest from one of Australia’s largest life insurance providers. User acquisition continues to grow, on a monthly subscription basis. The app is also under consideration by a number of external investors.

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