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A Safer & More Visible Construction Site


Safety is an ongoing issue for the construction industry. Between 2003 – 2016, 314 workers were killed at Australia construction sites. The construction industry has the highest work-related injury or illness – 63,230 serious injuries and 182 deaths were recorded within the construction industry from 2008-2013.


A real-time, live tracking app that enables all levels of the construction industry hierarchy to manage staff, productivity and costs. Principal contractors can instantly see where their workers are, across multiple job sites and regions. Site foreman can view live locations of trades on-site, with filtered views to enable visibility for all workers on site, or categories.


SiteVis utilises the most up to date modern technology possible to create a seamless user experience across web, mobile, and tablet. Native technologies such as the phone’s camera, GPS, and push notifications are all used to enhance the convenience and usability of the application.

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