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A Digital Marketing Strategy That's Cleaning Up


Worth Every Cent Cleaning came to us with a basic, but common goal; to generate more leads, please. They were unhappy with their current Google Ads supplier and we’re looking for a more holistic approach to digital marketing.


We gladly took on the challenge and immediately kicked off a hard-hitting digital marketing campaign across Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram. In the first month, we more than doubled their website traffic which ultimately lead to tonnes of form submissions and the phone ringing off the hook.

Google Analytics Report (July 2020)

Facebook Ads Performance

In the first month, the Facebook campaign performance better than expected, with high impressions and a huge amount of clicks, all with a small ad spend.

Key metrics: 

  • Impressions: 127,180
  • Clicks: 789
  • Conversions: 23*

*A conversion = a form submission.

Google Ads Performance

The first month of Google Ads drove almost 200 visits to the website with a $2.50 cost per click. We expect this to improve over the next month or 2 as we continue to optimise the campaign.

Key metrics: 

  • Impressions: 20,582
  • Clicks: 173
  • Conversions: 12*

*A conversion = a form submission.

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